Sex Assault Awareness

Sexual Assault and Sex Offenses occurs in every community. It happens to males, females, young and old. The Sheboygan Police Department wants to raise public awareness in identifying and preventing sexual violence. In order to do so, we, as a community, and as individuals, must be informed and educated on ways which we can help prevent and reduce sex offenses from occuring within our community.

For a pamphlet on Sexual Assault Awareness, Click HERE.  
Understanding Wisconsin Law

WI SS 940.225, defines sexual assault as:

  • Sexual contact or sexual intercourse with another person, without consent of that person


  • Sexual contact or sexual intercourse with a person who suffers a mental illness or deficiency that renders that person temporarilyor permanently incapable of appraising the person’s conduct and the subject knows of such condition


  • Sexual contact or intercourse with a person who is unde the influence of an intoxicant, to a degree wihich rends that person incapable of giving consent if the subject has actual knowledge that the person is incapable of giving consent 
  • Sexual contact or intercourse with  a person who the subject knows is unconcious 




 “Sexual Contact” means:

*Intentional touching, whether direct or through clothing, either for sexual degrading, humiliating the victim, or arousing or gratifying the subject. 

*Intentional touching by the subject or upon the subject’s instruction, by another person, by the use of any body part or object, of the victim’s intimate parts. 

*Intentional touching by the victim, by the use of any body part or object, of the subject’s intimate parts, or if done upon the subject’s instruction, the intimate parts of another person. 

*Intentional penile ejaculation or emission of urine/feces by the subject or upon the subject’s instruction, by another person upon any part of the body clothed or unclothed of the victim, for the purpose of sexually degrading or humiliating the victim, or for sexually arousing the subject.

Sexual Assaults on Children
Child Safety

*Abusers often develop a relationship wtih potential victims (and their families). This is also known as “grooming.”

*Educate your child aboue sexual abuse and assault when age appropriate. Be DIRECT. Do not assume your child has heard it or knows about it already.

*Think Cautiously about the safety of situations when older youth are with younger children.

*Think cautiously when youa re putting your child in any on-on-one situation. If your child is alone with an adult/older child, talk with your child afterwards, and note your child’s mood and whether your child can tell you with confidence how the time was spent.


Signs and Symptoms


*Unexplained anger and rebellion

*Sexual behavior and language that is not age appropriate

*Unexplained or sudden fear of a person/place

*Unexplained or sudden self-consciousness about genitals, including becoming upset by bathing or diapering

*Redness/rashes on gential area

*Genital swelling


If a Child Discloses that He/She has been Sexually Abused or Assaulted…

(If you find physical signs and suspect sex abuse/assault, have the child examined immediately by a specialized professional.)

*Do not react with anger or disblief

*Believe the child. Tell the child that you believe him/her.

*Thank and praise the child for his/her courage.

*Don’t lead the child to questions. If you must ask questions, ask open ended questions, such as, “What happened next?”

*Contact law enforcement and seek professional help immediately


Sexual Assaults on Women
What you need to know…

*Be careful about your use of drugs and alcohol. You are more vulnerable to assault if you are high or drunk.

*Avoid going out/socializing in the bars/taverns by yourself.

Date Rape Drugs…

*Most are liquid or powder form and dissolve into liquids quickly

*Most are odorless, colorless and tasteless

*Effects appear within 4-20 minutes

*Effects last anywhere from 45 minutes to 8 hours

*Feel quickly and seriously intoxicated in response to a small amount of alcohol.

*Wake up feeling “fuzzy” or very hung over

*Have memory lapses, and cannot account for a period of time.