Parking Ticket Dispute

On Line Parking Ticket Dispute Form

Ticket must be contested within 30 days of issuance date. Contesters must be the owner, co-owner, or vehicle operator admitting responsibility. To avoid late fees, you must pay or contest within TEN days. After 10 days, late fees will be added to the amount of the ticket.

This form is for parking ticket disputes that have been issued by the City of Sheboygan ONLY!

Understand that by contesting the ticket, you are agreeing to meet with the city prosecutor at a pretrial conference to discuss the ticket. There are no fees entailed to meet with the city prosecutor at a pre-trial conference to discuss the ticket.

If you cannot reach an agreement with the city prosecutor, this matter may be sent to municipal court for trial. If the matter is sent to trial, court costs are automatically added to the amount of the ticket, and you will need to pay those amounts, should you be found guilty or decide not to contest the ticket.

After the form is submitted to our agency, you will receive a pre-trial conference date by mail. You will need to appear on that scheduled date. If there is an issue over the scheduled date you receive in the mail, please call 1-2 days before the assigned date on the form to re-schedule.

The number you need to call, reference re-scheduling a pre-trial date is 920-459-3917.

Failure to appear will result in a default judgment against you.

Please PRINT THE CONFIRMATION PAGE, for your records and verification once you submit the form.

2015 Online Parking Dispute Form