Citizen Report Form

If the incident is leading to a disturbance, or is in progress, please call our police department at (920) 459-3333. Do not report any emergencies using this on-line form. The on-line form is for non-emergency incidents, specifically, for the incidents listed on the form. You must be 18 years or older to file an on-line police report. The incident must have occurred within the city limits of the City of Sheboygan. If a false or fraudulent complaint is filed, one can be subjected to criminal charges. Upon review of your report, if further investigation is needed, you may be contacted. It is recommended you retain a copy for your records.

2015 - Citizen Report Form

  • :
  • Victim Vehicle Info - If Applicable

  • List of Property Lost, Damaged or Stolen. Include Description, Color, Model, and or Serial Numbers, if known. Include an Estimated Value of Property Loss:
  • Indicate the estimated loss value here.
  • Suspect Information: (If known or applicable)

  • Clothing or other identifiable features.
  • Suspect Vehicle Information (If applicable):