What is Nixle?

Nixle is a privately funded company that offers a community information system that is built on a secure, reliable and high-speed distribution platform that ensures one receives trusted, immediate and relevant information. The information is available over your cell phone by text message, e-mail, and over the web. It is a private mobile text (SMS) broadcasting solution that enables government agencies to communicate in a private way.

Standard text message rates apply to those who sign up to receive SMS Alerts. If users have a cellular plan of “unlimited” texts, it is then free. One can control what venue you receive your alerts/messages and can change this at any time.

There is no advertising that will appear on the government platform. Nixle has a “municipal wire,” of which is separate and secure, with no advertising attached.

Message Alert Types:


Alert = must know notifications (emergency alert) 

Advisory = “need to know” such as neighborhood public safety and community information 

Community = less time-sensitive, yet relevant community news and information



 To Register for Nixle, Click HERE.