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Junior Police Academy

Taught by School Resource Officers, the Junior Police Academy Program is designed to build partnerships with pre-teen and adolescent students, motivating them to be responsible, involved citizens. This is accomplished by transforming the role of the instructor from “police officer” to “mentor.”

Young people often do not understand what police officers do, or why they do it. Unfortunately, many students view the police officer only in the role of “enforcer.” The Junior Police Academy is designed to take the mystery out of law enforcement and provide a comfortable setting which allows officers and students to interact in an environment free from enforcement. It provides an opportunity for officers and students to see each other as people, rather than as adversaries. While the students that attend the academy may not want to become police officers in the future, the program instills a confidence and sense of achievement that will benefit them for years to come.

During the program, students will participate in several “hands-on” lessons taught by Officer Lor and other police officers, including police operations, traffic stops, defense and arrest tactics, handcuffing, scenario resolutions, crime scene investigations (evidence collection, fingerprinting, crime scene reconstruction), and an overview of the court system (including a mock trial). Students will get a ‘tour’ of the County Jail, and will also hear presentations from representatives of specialized units such as the Drug Unit, Dive Team, K9, and SWAT.

The five-day program is currently scheduled to run the week of Monday, June 29th through Friday, July 3rd from 8:30AM-12:30PM at the Sheboygan Police Department.

With the assistance of law enforcement officers and other criminal justice professionals, along with the financial support of the Sheboygan Police Benevolent Association, private citizens and other civic groups, our Junior Police Academy has made a difference in helping adolescents develop a strong sense of community and civic responsibility,  preparing them to be “tomorrow’s leaders.”


 Junior Police Academy 2015 Application


Junior Police Online Application Form

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    Please accept my child's application for the 2015 Junior Police Academy. As a result of generous financial support from local organizations, businesses and individuals, there is no cost for my child to participate. For that reason, I understand that my child is expected to attend all sessions to successfully graduate and unexcused absenses will be cause for removal from the program. By entering this electronic signature, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and agree to al terms and conditions of the porgram and allow my child to participat ein the JPA.





  Officer Edson discusses the Junior Police Academy and his role as “Mentor”



Officer Edson shares his hopes for the students who graduate from the Junior Police Academy

The Sheboygan Police Department’s Junior Police Academy was established by Officer Eric Edson in 2008, and since then has graduated just over 125 middle school students from Farnsworth, Horace Mann and Urban Middle Schools. Typically beginning at the end of January, our twenty-hour, eight week program gives particular attention to inspiring good character and advanced citizenship, fostering problem solving and good decision making skills, in addition to technical instruction about police work.

“American Police Officer: A Course in Character” (click the image above for more information)