Pace Car


The Pace car program is a citizen based traffic calming measure that encourages residents to take responsibility for their own driving while setting the “pace” for safer streets and neighborhoods.   

 The program is based on a simple, yet ingenious approach to traffic calming: cars calming other cars, by setting a safe and livable “pace” for other drivers, and sharing the road with pedestrians and bicycles.  The pace cars, in effect, become mobile traffic calming devices or “rolling speed bumps.” 



The Concept

The Pace Car sticker shows other drivers that Sheboygan residents sign a pledge to drive safely, courteously, and within the speed limits on our city streets. Those who participate fill out the pledge form and receive an official “Sheboygan Pace Car” sticker to display on their vehicles.The sticker is a visual to show you are taking part in a community-based effort to address the problems of traffic speed and safety in Sheboygan. The sticker also serves as a ‘pledge reminder’ to Pace Car drivers. 



Get Involved 

To become a Pace Car for Sheboygan, city residents may stop in at the Sheboygan Police Department,
1315 N. 23rd Street
, to complete the pledge, receive their sticker, and begin contributing to improved traffic safety on the city’s streets.

 Click HERE to listen to our SPD Rollcall Podcast Episode – Preventing Traffic Crashes & the Pace Car Program.

Click HERE for a Pace Car Pamphlet 

Click HERE for a copy of the SPD Pace Car Pledge.