New Ordinance

The Sheboygan Police Department would like to make the community aware of a recently enacted city ordinance, #118-137, prohibiting the overnight parking of trailers, campers, boats and RV’s on city streets. The new city ordinance states in part;

“No trailer or boat may be parked on a street within the city between the hours of 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM.”

This ordinance is directed at trailers which are notconnected to a legally registered and operable tow vehicle. The new ordinance also allows the police department to grant a limited number of daily waivers (six, 6) from the ordinance to people living at a given address during a calendar year.

Following a brief period of public education of this new ordinance, trailers that are parked in violation of this ordinance will be issued a parking citation and be towed at the owner’s expense.

This new ordinance was developed in response to an ongoing city wide problem of individuals using the city street to store utility and recreational trailers. Camping and boat trailers, some in dilapidated condition and utility trailers  loaded with junk and scrap have been left parked in the city streets for extended periods of time. The presence of these trailers has at times exacerbated parking problems in neighborhoods and has in some cases created an unsightly street scape that conflicts with the city government and residents desire for attractive streets and neighborhoods. Maintaining attractive, vibrant neighborhoods helps to enhance our community’s image and protects the value of our residential tax base.

This is also a reminder to citizens that the city ordinance requires that if trailers are stored or parked on private property, they must be parked on a paved surface.

Overnight Parking Pamphlet

To view a copy of the ordinance, click here.