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About Us

The Sheboygan Police Department’s Information Services Division, is an important component of the police department. This division is supervised by the Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police.

Here, reports are transcribed and processed from dictation, which are then forwarded to supervision, and appropriate outside agencies, such as; the District Attorney’s Office, Social Services, and Probation and Parole. Transcriptionists work at all times at the police department, to process priority paperwork that may be generated throughout the day and night. Transcriptionists also have additional clerical duties, ranging from processing parking tickets, to property data in our evidence and property division.

Information Services is also responsible for handling statistical information for the department. The Uniform Crime Report (UCR), a statistical analysis report, is completed on a monthly basis. It is then submitted to the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is also forward information by the State. Such tasks are completed by the Records Specialists. Records Specialists handle the entering of criminal complaints from the District Attorney’s Office and their dispositions. Reports and their respective forms are also processed by the Records Specialists. Open records requests and statistical components of arrests are handled by Records Specialists.

Information Services has 5 Records Specialist Clerks and 2 Department Secretaries; one assigned to the Patrol Division, and one assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division, and one crime analyst.


Badger TraCS (Traffic and Criminal Software)
Spillman Technologies, Version 6.1., CAD/RMS
Olympus DSS Player Pro Transcription Module, dictation and transcription software