SPD Roll Call

webpicsmall-300x144The Sheboygan Police Department is pleased to announce the area’s first podcast for citizens, SPD Roll Call. The members of the Sheboygan Police Department are continually striving to pass information along to citizens, both in the city of Sheboygan and beyond. With the increasing use of electronic media, the department wants to maximize the opportunities it provides for sharing crime and safety information with the community.

Earlier in 2012, Officer Matthew Friedl had the idea of creating recorded audio files – podcasts – available through the department’s website for citizens to download and listen at their convenience as a way to stay in touch with the public.

Just as each officer receives “roll call” at the beginning of their shift, the SPD Roll Call podcasts involve officers meeting on a regular basis to discuss topics on crime trends, community information, crime prevention tips, as well as resources for citizens.

To listen, click on a Roll Call episode below to listen immediately by streaming it through your computer. Or, if you’d prefer to listen later, right click on the Roll Call episode and select “Save target as…” for later transfer to your portable audio device (such as your IPod, phone, or Mp3 Player) and listen while on the go.

2014 Latest/Featured Episode

Episode 5-All About Pets, Part II
This is part two of a two-part series, “All About Pets.”
Rollcall Episode – All About Pets – Part 2

Episode 4-All About Pets, Part I

Officers discuss everything you need to know as a pet owner in the City of Sheboygan. (This is a two-part series.)
Rollcall Episode – All About Pets – Part 1
Episode 3-City Ordinances
Officers discuss city ordinances pertaining to your property as well as other various ordinances.
Discussed by: Officer Friedl, Officer Anhalt

Rollcall Episode 3 – City Ordinances


Episode 2-Mobile Crisis
Officers discuss what Mobile Crisis is and the services they provide to the community. Special guest includes a Mobile Crisis Counselor.
Discussed by: Officer Friedl, Officer Anhalt

 Rollcall Episode 2 – Mobile Crisis


Episode 1 – What is the SPD Roll Call Podcast? 

Officers give a brief introduction to the SPD Roll Call Podcast and the idea behind it.
Discussed by:  Officer Friedl, Officer Schmitt, Officer Aker, and Officer Erickson

Rollcall Episode 1


2013 Archives

Episode 2 – Protecting Your Property

Officers discuss burglaries, thefts, and prevention tips to help you protect your property.
Discussed by: Officer Friedl, Officer Schmitt, Officer Aker, and Officer Erickson

Rollcall Episode 2


Episode 3-Winter Parking

Officers discuss winter parking rules, as well as snow removal.
Discussed by: Officer Aker, Officer Erickson

Rollcall Episode 3 – Winter Parking


Episode 4-Landlord Training

In this episode, Kristi Kane of the Neighborhood Development Department, talks about the landlord training program. The episode discusses the history, goal and opportunities for landlords.
Discussed by: Officer Friedl, Officer Schmitt, Kristi Kane

Rollcall Episode 4- Landlord Training Program


Episode 5- Interview with Captain Cobb, Captain of Patrol Division
Captain Cobb sits with officers to discuss the goal of police patrol. The formal patrol initiative is discussed along with the goals, expected outcomes and the betterment of Sheboygan.

Rollcall Episode 5


Episode 6-Scams

This podcast discusses scams, along with what you can do to help  protect yourself and your financial assets.
Discussed by:  Officer Friedl, Officer Schmitt, and special guest, Det. Olsen

Rollcall Episode 6 – Scams with Detective Olsen


Episode 7-Preventing Traffic Crashes & the Pace Car Progam

This podcast discusses traffic accidents and their causes, as well as the introduction to the pace car program.
Discussed by:  Officer Frield, Officer Schmitt

Rollcall Episode 7- Preventing Traffic Crashes


Episode 8-Tavern Safety Coalition & Operation Absolutely 21

This podcast explains what the Tavern Safety Coalition is and how it has changed how we respond to bar incidents, as well as the Operation Absolutely 21 Program.
Discussed by: Officer Erickson, Officer Aker and Officer Kehoe

Rollcall Episode 8 – TSC and Absolute 21


Episode 9- July 4th Safety and Fireworks
This podcast reviews the 4th of July Festivities and what the beach ordinances are in regards to alcohol, fire pits as well as firework ordinances.
Discussed by Officers’ Friedl, Aker, and Cpt. Cobb
Rollcall Episode 9 – July 4th Safety


Episode 10-Citizen Initiated Traffic Complaints
In this podcast officers discuss what happens with citizen initiated traffic complaints and recommendations on what one can do regarding traffic issues.
Discussed by: Officer Friedl and Officer Schmitt
Rollcall Episode 10 – Citizen Initiated Traffic Complaints


Episode 11-Protecting Your Property Officers address the issue of property crimes and how you can protect your property. Discussed by: Officer Friedl and Officer Schmitt

Rollcall Episode11 – Property Crimes


Episode 12-Community Outreach
Officers discuss community outreach and the steps the Sheboygan Police Department has taken to get more information out to the public.
Discussed by: Officer Friedl, Officer Schmitt
Rollcall Episode 12 – Community Outreach



Episode 13-Holiday Safety Tips
Officers discuss shopping and home safety tips for a safe and happy holiday season.
Discussed by: Officer Friedl, Officer Schmitt
Rollcall Episode – Holiday Safety Tips