Honor Guard

honor_guard_croppedThe Sheboygan Police Department Honor Guard has the mission of honoring those law enforcement officers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving their respective communities.

Our Honor Guard Unit also represents the Sheboygan Police Department at various public and private events:

Funerals for active and retired officers of the Sheboygan Police Department

Community parades and celebrations

Presentation and postings of the Nation’s colors at public and private ceremonies and meetings.

The Honor Guard Unit is comprised of eleven police officers from various ranks. The following officers are members of the Sheboygan Police Department Honor Guard Unit:

Lt. Michael Williams
Lt. Kurt Brasser
Lt. Scott Mittelstadt
Lt. Bradford Riddiough
Sgt. David Anderson
Sgt. Terry Meyer
Sgt. Kurt Zempel
Officer Joel Kuszynski
Officer Matthew Heimerl
Officer Michael Wynveen
Officer Ryan Schmitt
Officer Dustin Fickett

The Commander of the Honor Guard is Lt. Michael Williams. He can be contacted at (920) 459-3333.
Email: michael.williams@sheboyganwi.gov
The Sheboygan Police Department has lost one officer in the line of duty. Officer Theodore Husting, was murdered while investigating a burglary in progress.
End of Watch: May 27, 1937.
To visit Patrol Officer Husting’s Memorial, click on the link below.

Visit Patrolman Husting’s Memorial at www.ODMP.org