Criminal Investigations

If you are in need of immediate assistance, regarding criminal activity or wish to report a police matter, please contact the Sheboygan Police Department at 920-459-3333. Do not call or e-mail a member of CID for a crime or incident in progress.

If you would like assistance from the Criminal Investigation Division regarding a potential criminal matter, call 920-459-3355. If no immediate answer, please leave a message on the general number stating your name, number, and nature of your call. If you are attempting to contact a specific detective, listen for the voice prompt.

If you are in need of the MEG Unit, call: 920-467-5193.  If no immediate answer, please leave a message on the general number stating your name, number and nature of your call.

About CID…

The Criminal Investigation Division is lead by Captain Kurt Brasser. The Criminal Investigation Division typically handles investigations that are complex in nature and require officers with extensive training in specific areas of law enforcement. This can involve evidence collection and processing, interviewing and interrogating people, investigating computer related crimes, and fugitive apprehension.

The Criminal Investigation Division handles  incidents such as; homicide, robbery, burglary, prostitution, narcotics, fraud, forgery, sexual assaults and crimes against children.

The Sheboygan Police Department is a member of the United States Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force and frequently partners with the televised version of WI Most Wanted. This collaboration assists in the apprehension of fugitives wanted by the Sheboygan Police Department  throughout the United States.

The Criminal Investigation Division also oversees the Sheboygan Police Ten Most Wanted that is published in our local newspapers. This informative piece has resulted in the apprehension of numerous suspects.


The Sheboygan Police Department is the lead agency for the Sheboygan County Multi-jurisdictional Enforcement Group. The agencies who contribute personnel are the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department and the Plymouth Police Department. The other jurisdictions within Sheboygan County also supply resources and work alongside the MEG Unit. The MEG Unit is tasked with investigating narcotics trafficking within Sheboygan County though frequently work alongside other jurisdictions within Wisconsin and federal agencies. In addition to investigating narcotic offenses, members of the MEG Unit provide community service talks in regards to the effects of drug use. If an organization would like to arrange a community service talk, contact Sgt. Kurt Zempel at (920) 467-5193.


The Property/Evidence Officer is responsible for storing and maintaining custody of all property and/or evidence that is associated with police incidents.The PEO is also responsible for coordinating efforts to process evidence through the Wisconsin State Crime Lab, and ensure evidence is available for judicial hearings.


The Sheboygan Police Department School Resource Officers are assigned to the Sheboygan Area School District middle schools and high schools. The officers perform many functions; police officer, educator and counselor.

SRO’s work in collaboration with school officials to:

  • Address fear, crime and disorder in schools;
  • Develop and implement crime prevention strategies;
  • Educate students and staff regarding safety issues;
  • Engage students in positive “mentoring” relationships, intended to foster respect and personal growth;
  • Serve as a comprehensive resource for their assigned school.

SRO’s accomplish these goals by following a community-oriented policing philosophy that emphasizes a proactive and prevention-orientated approach. In addition to being available to students during the school day, SRO’s often participate in extra-curricular activities, and other programs, such as; Junior Police Academy, Safety Town, and summer school.

If you wish to contact a School Resource Officer, click here to be directed to the webpage.

 Fraud/Forgery Information

For information on Fraud, Scams and Internet Crime, Click here to be directed to the webpage. 

If you have been a victim of identity theft or forgery, and are a resident within the City of Sheboygan, you must fill out an identity theft or forgery packet, and then set up an appointment with a detective.


To report a forgery, please click here.
To report an identity theft, please click here.

Sex Offender Information 

The Sheboygan Police Department is very active in ensuring that Registered Sex Offenders are complying with federal, state and local ordinance rules and regulations. If you are aware of possible violations, please contact the Criminal Investigation Division at 459-3355 and leave a message detailing the potential violation.

In regards to Sex Offender Waiver Meetings, these occur in front of the Public Protection and Safety Committee and are typically scheduled for every other Wednesday of the month. For further information and/or agenda of scheduled PPS Meetings, click here to be directed to the City of Sheboygan’s Webpage.



To view the WI State Sex Offender Data Base, click here.


The ROPE Program 

Re-Offender Prevention Enforcement (ROPE) is a cooperative partnership between the Division of Community Corrections and the Sheboygan Police Department. The common goal is to actively reduce the involvement of offenders in new criminal activity by increasing contact and surveillance of the offender in their neighborhood. Probation/Parole agents working in teams with police officers make unannounced home visits of offenders during non-traditional hours. The targeted population for the ROPE Program has been identified as high-risk, assaultive history, gang affiliated, sex offenders, drug dealers and offenders with a record of weapons use. All offenders are on active supervision are subject to ROPE visits. The contacts are “corrections driven,” and the police officer function as protection for agents. Officers are able to get to know offender’s living in their respective neighborhoods and the crimes they have committed. Both agents and officers will increase their presence in the neighborhoods and visibility with offenders, their families and the community.

Criminal Investigation Personnel Contact Information:


Capt. Kurt Brasser
Phone: 920-459-3355

Lt. Scott Mittelstadt
Phone:  920-459-3355

Sgt. Kurt Zempel (MEG)
Phone:  920-467-5193


Detective Joel Clark

Detective Eric Edson

Detective Paul Hammann

Detective Paul Olsen

Detective Tamara Remington

Detective Cameron Stewart

Detective Matt Walsh

Additional Website Resources:

Missing and Exploited Children:
Website for information about missing and exploited children. Distributes photographs and description of missing children worldwide. 1-800-843-5678

NetSmartz Workshop:
Educational resources providing on-line tips, activities and current internet safety news. A great site for parents and their kids, that is safe and does not link out to any outside sources. 1-800-843-5678
Resource site for reporting sexual exploitation of children. It is strongly encourgaged that parents educate their children reference internet safety. Children who believe that someone is trying to entice them for sexual purposes or have found child prnography online, should immediately tell their parents. Parents can fill out an online report reference the situation at 1-800-843-5678, for child-sexual exploitation, and/or can contact local law enforcement.