VipsVolunteers in Police Service, (VIPS) is a national volunteer program, which has been adopted by the Sheboygan Police Department.

Our mission statement is: “To enhance law enforcement’s ability to serve the community.”

This program has been in Sheboygan since February of 2009. Our volunteers have been asked to help with fingerprinting, role-playing for training, subpoena service, prescription drug sorting and clerical duties.

Due to the sensitivity and confidential nature of the police department, the selection process for volunteers is designed to find those volunteers that meet our adopted core values of dedication, integrity and trustworthiness.

vips5-300x225A volunteer applicant must be a United States citizen, and at least 18 years of age. All interested individuals must complete an application. A personal interview will be conducted for those individuals that meet the program’s needs. A criminal background check and fingerprint check must also be passed to be considered for the program. Volunteers receive no compensation.

Anyone interested in more information about becoming a volunteer for the Sheboygan Police Department can call the Volunteer Coordinator at
920-459-3338 or email penny.weber@ci.sheboygan.wi.us.